Founded in 1990, Soremag has become an integrated center for the molding, machining and repair of wheels, rollers and various molded parts in rubber, polyurethane and foam. We are now recognized by a diverse clientele working in many industries such as a major manufacturing and repair service center in eastern Canada.

We have the expertise to complete all stages of mold design and molding with materials that meet the requirements of your toughest applications. We can also give a second life to your used wheels and rollers with our processes of grinding, polishing and cutting of grooves of all kinds.

Among our services offered :

  • Machining center:
    • Molds of aluminum, steel or elastomers;
    • Manufacture of wheels, rollers, inserts and complete repair;
    • Prototyping in acceleration;
  • Molding rubber, polyurethane, foam;
  • Grinding and polishing of wheels and rollers;
  • Multi-input complex slot cutting;
  • Complete repair of wheels and rollers:
    • journal and mandrel correction;
    • remove existing covers;
    • surface preparation (sandblasting & adhesives);
    • application and cooking of optimum coatings;
    • grinding and finishing to specifications (hardness, surface, dimensions);
    • validation & quality control;