Hot cast molded polyurethane parts

Soremag offers a wide range of molded parts, wheels and polyurethane rollers.

In the elastomer family, polyurethanes offer a wide variety of textures, hardness, colors and exceptional physical properties.  It is by varying the monomers used and by adding other substances that this chemical chain reaction will produce surprising elastomers, roughness and long life.  These elastomers are used in a large number of industries, including:

  • urban transport, buses, subways, trains;

  • escalator, lift, amusement park, forklift;

  • pulp and paper, mining and petroleum;

  • application rolls for wood flooring manufacturers;

  • press rolls, printing, packaging, industrial applications;

  • road maintenance & airports: mechanical broom, salt spreading, snow plow blade; snow blower wheel.

Our analysis and research department will identify the optimal formulation according to your needs and application. We can replicate and exceed the performance and life of your existing components. We are able to quickly produce concepts and prototypes using molds by fingerprint or using your original pieces, models, sketches or 3D files.

Pads for vehicle lifting - Car dealer

Pads for vehicle lifting - Car dealer

Several car dealers (Toyota, Honda, Kia …) use the Soremag polyurethane pads on the vehicle lift device. These help to preserve the integrity of the car and to secure the workers. The pads are rectangular or round and are attached to the legs of the lifting cylinder.  They are made of high quality polyurethane to increase the service life by 2-3 times the original rubber pad.