Rebuilding of press rolls

Soremag has extensive expertise in repairing all types of rubber and polyurethane rollers directly at its integrated service center in Laval. Whether it is for any kind of rollers, including:

  • drive roll;

  • pressure roll;

  • print roll;

  • folder roll;

  • banana roll;

  • split roll;

  • sanding roll;

  • strap roll;

  • timer roll;

  • paster roll;

  • pre-stretch roll – packaging;

  • Ask and we will do it for you.

Prestretch film roller - Automatic paletizer

Prestretch film roller - Automatic paletizer

Manufacturing and refurbishing of stretch wrap rollers for film application in the automatic palletizer equipment. We have designed specific steel/polyurethane rollers for numerous OEM which varies in hardness, dimensions,  surface roughness and colours, they will trigger efficiency and durability for a long time.