Reconstruction of worned rolls and wheels

We are specialist in eastern Canada in the repair of wheels and rollers from very small to large format in rubber, polyurethane and foam.  Restore a 2nd life to your wheels and rollers for a fraction of the cost, yes, it’s possible.

We are equipped to correct, grind, polish, groove and rebuild the overlays on your most complex wheels and rollers.  Complete steps are available as needed;

    • bearing and shaft rebuild;

    • removing the existing damaged surface;

    • surface preparation (sandblasting & adhesives);

    • application and vulcanization of the optimal coatings;

    • grinding and finishing to specifications (hardness, surface, dimensions);

    • validation & quality control;

Pressure wheel - Hardwood transformation

Pressure wheel - Hardwood transformation

Hardwood transformation is a process that uses pressure wheels and drive wheels to drive boards through the various processing steps.  The existing coating shows great wear and cuts on the surface, this time we replaced the rubber with a 80A hardness polyurethane offering great resistance against friction and tugging of the wooden boards that circulate in the machine.